Luke Lazarus Brings Successful Startup Consultancy to Australia

¬†Blowing Your Own Horn In business, it is a requirement to blow your own horn. The consequences of not calling attention to your service or product can be disastrous. All you need to do is ask the few that fail to make it past their 4-5 year after their initial business launch. Having the right…


Betsy DeVos and Improvement Routes

Betsy DeVos has never been one to behave in a greedy manner. She’s not greedy at all about money. She’s not greedy at all about work. She’s not even greedy about her time. Most people say that time is money. They would be correct in some cases. That doesn’t make a difference to DeVos, however….

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ViSalus Founder Blake Mallen Announces Development Of Exciting Liv List Mobile App

Recently, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola, the co-founders of the travel platform Liv, announced the creation of the Liv List mobile app. The Liv List mobile app was designed to create the best possible experience for users. The technology provides users with access to local and global experiences that fit the description of what the…

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Investments with the Help of Michael Nierenberg

When it comes to making firm and smart investment decisions, it can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming to get the help that you need. This is simply because you’re able to hire a professional like Michael Nierenberg who has the years behind him to help people of all needs. This is an expert who is…


Dick DeVos and an Indomitable America

Dick DeVos isn’t around to try to get other people to copy him. He’s not trying to influence the younger generation in the United States or elsewhere to imitate his actions. He’s simply attempting to lead his own life. That’s the only thing he’s been trying to do for years and years as well. DeVos…

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Agera Energy: Two Brief Profiles

Agera Energy is an energy company from Briarcliff, New York that has been in existence since 2014. Agera Energy is an energy company from Briarcliff, New York that formed in 2014. Follow Agera Energy on facebook.com. In the Summer of 2018, there was an exciting announcement that this company would have a new CEO: Geoffry…

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Isabel dos Santos: Speaking Out for Angola

Speaking out for human dignity can be difficult, but Isabel dos Santos has taken herself out of any comfort zone she might have had and thrust herself into the public spotlight to speak up for individuals and groups in Angola. Dos Santos calls Angola her homeland. It is where her father was president, and it…

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Steve Lesnard: Keep Your Online Advertising Simple

People consume a lot of digital media and it’s important that companies are able to adjust their marketing campaigns to these changes. As a Global Brand Consultant for the company Self., Steve Lesnard has had years of experience when it comes to marketing some of the biggest brands throughout the world. In the past, the…