Gino Pozzo Waterford FC’s Master of Arms

By David Keith Gino Pozzo attended Harvard university at the age of eighteen. After receiving his degree he marries and moves to Spain for 20 years. Then moves with his wife and three kids to London in 2013. His plan was two fold. First, Moving would allow him to immerse himself in the day to…

Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes; a Top Executive Bringing Hope to People Affected Natural Disasters

For over ten years now, Barbara Stokes has played a significant role in providing housing solutions to numerous people across the United States of America. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara. Barbara Stokes has been able to do this through an organization; she founded alongside her husband Scott Stokes, known as Green Structure Homes…

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How Brian Torchin Has Positioned Himself as the best Medical Staffing Expert in the Industry

Brian Torchin is an experienced business individual who plays a vital role in the medical sector. He is not a medical practitioner but a person who plays a crucial role in the management of the medical facilities. He is a staffing expert who makes sure that medical facilities get the best employees in their ranks….


Is Betsy DeVos Still a Champion for Education Reform?

It’s clear that education reform has caused polarization in America. While many in the education community look at the appointment of Betsy DeVos as US Education Secretary as a setback, others are championing for her because of her beliefs on educational choice. While she has only been in office two years, she has made great…


Expanding On A Global Scale With LocationSmart

One of the main motivators of success for virtually all companies is expansion. This is because expansion is also an indicator of growth. It is a sign that the company has succeeded in one area to the point where they have no other growing opportunities there. Having said that, one of the more recent expansion…

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Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie On Opportunity Management

Finally, Bhanu Choudhrie would know that in regard to commentary, remember that those who talk in terms of more than a couple of years out versus in terms of the next six months have a long view instead of a short-sighted view. As Bhanu Choudhrie has experienced in his own life, with a long view…

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Marc Beer

One of the most successful and thoughtful men in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry is Marc Beer. He is currently the co-founder and chief executive officer of a company called Renovia Inc. Marc Beer and Renovia are doing great things in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is currently dedicating to improving women’s health and creating…


The Glittering Marketing Career of Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is a marketing professional who has excelled in his job to become one of the recognized marketing experts in the modern marketing world. Martinez has worked with numerous marketing companies in different marketing roles and helped the companies increase their sales through his creativity and innovative ideas. His skills have enabled him to…