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Article Title: Shop Genuine Products With The RealReal

Article Text: If oyu are looking for a snazzy pair of Louis Vuitton shoes or a Chanel handbag, you will find it on The RealReal. When you buy something you are making a small investment, but that doesn’t mean that you need to invest a lot. You can score some really great items and even…

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Article Title: Agera Energy

Article Text: Agera Energy: How To Choose A Renowned Energy Company Are you searching for a great company to provide you with electricity or gas service? Want to know why many people choose Agera Energy? Perhaps you are thinking about switching to Agera Energy. There are many companies that provide service in this industry but…

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Brian Torchin, a Veteran in The Medical Employment

Brain Torchin developed his love for medicine since his early years. The passion drove him to the University of Delaware where he pursued medicine and graduated with a degree in science. He later became a doctor, and he extensively used his knowledge in chiropractic medicine. However, he noticed that many medical graduates were not landing…

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Rocketship Education criticizes NPR piece about their school system

The article from Washington Monthly confronts the report from NPR and depicts how it was an unbalanced inaccurate report of their charter schools. The critique from NPR on Rocketship Education sparked a debate on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter soon after its release to the public. Some individuals such as Audrey Watters…

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Is a Game Changer in the Cosmetics Industry

A list of the most prominent hair brands companies is not complete without Matrix. The Company built a reputation in the hairs brands industry for its top-notch production. The production of sustainable and original products draws massive support from their customers globally. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the brains behind the company’s success with R.A.W as the…

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Fashion Tips By Donata Meirelles

 Donata Meirelles is a renowned individual in the fashion industry. She is very aware of the latest styles and trends in women’s fashion. Recently, Donata revealed her insights into the latest fashion trends in Brazil. When she was talking about the newest trends in fashion, she emphasized footwear, handbags and pursues. With a combination of…

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Article Title: Jingdong Expansion Process

Article Text: JD is a global e-commerce company founded in 1998 by Richard Liu Qiangdong; it specializes in consumer goods, electronics and fashion for both male and female. The company has always emerged at the top as they only provide high quality goods and all employees are trained and inspired to provide high quality services….

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Poppy Angeloff: A Gorgeous Vintage Line

We’ve all heard that fashion trends are cyclical; from the gorgeous, colorful dresses of the 1950’s to the grunge and individuality of the 1990’s, it’s all coming back around. This summer, it’s looking like more traditional styles are filling up wardrobes. Flowing skirts, buttoned tops, and floral patterns abound, and we’re loving the classic feel!…

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A walk through Serge Belamant’s journey to becoming one of the most innovative individuals around

Currently enjoying his golden years as a retiree, Serge Belamant is among one of the most innovative individuals in South Africa. His top-level innovativeness has seen him get tags such as the Bill Gates of South Africa among many others. How he got here Serge Belamant is a Frenchman born in Tulle and raised in…