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Sheldon Lavin – Borrow A Page From His Book

In an article on summarizing an interview with Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group, the author states that he is not only a “reputable professional”, but also a man who “knows how to build and lead business empires”. The OSI group is one of the leading companies in the meat-packaging and food processing industry….

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Igor Cornelsen is Making Things Happen in Finance

Igor Cornelsen knows more about international markets and currencies than almost anyone else in the world. He spends much of his free time keeping tabs on the world’s markets and behaviors. He has a knack for spotting critical changes before others notice anything. That talent allows him to accurately predict events, which gives him an…

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Bernardo Chua Wants To Help Others

Bernardo Chua has been one of the biggest names in multi-level marketing for years. The entrepreneur is from the Philippines and he is well-known throughout Asia for his achievements as an entrepreneur. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, which is one of the biggest producers in the world of…

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A Long Journey Begins With One Step

Eucatex is a Flavio Maluf’s family tradition which goes a couple of generations back to his great-grandfather, the man who owned one of the largest sawmills in Latin America. The name Eucatex is not that old since the mill originally opened in 1940. It is an acronym that was coined in the 1960s when Maluf’s…

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Shervin Pishevar Uses Twitter to Roar about Cryptocurrency, Gold, and Silicon Valley

Shervin Pishevar can be as quiet as a mouse or roar like a lion when he wants to. Twitter is one social media platform that he uses to roar on sometimes. Recently, he tweeted for over 20 hours about everything from China to cryptocurrency. Pishevar has invested his funds into start-up businesses that eventually took…

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Ara Chackerian, Valuable Investments

Ara Chackerian is a business man and an investor that keeps his eyes peeled for any opportunities in the health care facility that could help it to spur on to fresh and new grounds of progress. His interest in how technology could help accelerate the advancement of human betterment is so strong he works at…

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A walk through Serge Belamant’s journey to becoming one of the most innovative individuals around

Currently enjoying his golden years as a retiree, Serge Belamant is among one of the most innovative individuals in South Africa. His top-level innovativeness has seen him get tags such as the Bill Gates of South Africa among many others. How he got here Serge Belamant is a Frenchman born in Tulle and raised in…