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How Brian Torchin Has Positioned Himself as the best Medical Staffing Expert in the Industry

Brian Torchin is an experienced business individual who plays a vital role in the medical sector. He is not a medical practitioner but a person who plays a crucial role in the management of the medical facilities. He is a staffing expert who makes sure that medical facilities get the best employees in their ranks….

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Bernardo Chua Wants To Help Others

Bernardo Chua has been one of the biggest names in multi-level marketing for years. The entrepreneur is from the Philippines and he is well-known throughout Asia for his achievements as an entrepreneur. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, which is one of the biggest producers in the world of…

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A Long Journey Begins With One Step

Eucatex is a Flavio Maluf’s family tradition which goes a couple of generations back to his great-grandfather, the man who owned one of the largest sawmills in Latin America. The name Eucatex is not that old since the mill originally opened in 1940. It is an acronym that was coined in the 1960s when Maluf’s…

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Shervin Pishevar Uses Twitter to Roar about Cryptocurrency, Gold, and Silicon Valley

Shervin Pishevar can be as quiet as a mouse or roar like a lion when he wants to. Twitter is one social media platform that he uses to roar on sometimes. Recently, he tweeted for over 20 hours about everything from China to cryptocurrency. Pishevar has invested his funds into start-up businesses that eventually took…

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The Career of Entrepreneur Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur in the technology industry. He has earned fame by becoming a major patent holder of blockchain technologies. His career includes stints working in both applications and software development. Over the course of his career, he has developed cryptocurrencies which have become one of the standard ways to conduct banking activities…

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How Isabel Dos Santos Prepares Africa for a Coming Digital World

How Isabel Dos Santos Prepares Africa for a coming digital world Isabel Dos Santos is an Angolan businesswoman who participated in this year’s African Summit. Even though the event was held in Brussels, there was some competitiveness among the African countries. By using superior technology, the summit provided education to the African population and provided…


Vijay Eswaran is Making a Difference in Business

The renowned philanthropist and writer, Vijay Eswaran were born in Penang on 7th October 1960. Later on, he studied at the London School of Economics where he pursued Economics. Funding his college fees and upkeep was not an easy ride for him, which made him hustle between a number of jobs such as being a…