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Allied Nation Positions Itself As An Innovative Leader

Allied Wallet has been relentlessly been adding a variety of strategic and innovative features and upgrades to their online payment processing platform over the past few years. Because of that, the company has increasingly been seen as an industry leader that’s progressively innovating. Now, Allied Wallet has announced that WeChat Pay will now be an…

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Signs that employees are affected by burnout

Paul Saunders, the CEO of James River Capital is sharing valuable business administration tips with fellow business executives. This is information that needs to implemented in every organization because it applies everywhere. In a recent article, he highlighted how important it was for employers to eliminate employee burn out in their organizations. The article by…


Southridge Capital Lands Huge Deal

The world of finance is full of people who have managed to make great careers for themselves and build companies of amazing sizes. That’s why Southridge is such a major deal. It’s landed some huge deals and those deals are giving it a firm place as one of the important investor firms. This has allowed…


Jake Gottlieb

Born to a professor of economics and a pediatrician in Brooklyn, New York, Jacob Gottlieb had an interesting upbringing. He took an early interest in the worlds of both medicine and finances, working tirelessly to learn more about the seemingly disparate fields. In the 7th grade, Gottlieb won a school contest which involved selecting stocks….


How Ignition Financial Can Save You Money on Your Car Payments

Most people would love to be able to have their car payments refinanced, and that is just what Ignition Financial, of Austin, Texas can do. Anyone with high car payments would gladly say, “slash my payments now.”   People are not always that judicious when they purchase an automobile, and they make the buying decision…