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Ara Chackerian and His Work as an Entrepreneur

There are lots of professionals in the investment industry, but there is none so skilled and experienced than Ara Chackerian. Ara Chackerian works as a philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor. He has worked on some of the largest projects on the market as well as co-founded his company TMS Health Solutions. Because of the extensive amount…

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Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya, Africa. He received his education in the United Kingdom as an accountant in the year 1969. Boghani practiced his career as an accountant for some years before he moved to London in 1990s. In London, Shiraz Boghani took a different career path. He joined the Hotel and Hospitality industry….


The incredible Dr. Saad Saad

Having received a medical degree nearly 50 years ago, the fact that he is stilled being talked about today is proof of the hard work he has put in over the years as a professional. As for who we are talking about, we are talking about the ultra-successful Dr. Saad Saad. Mentioned before, Dr. Saad…

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The outstanding career of Peter Lionel Briger

With a BA from the University of Princeton and an MBA from the Pennsylvania University School of Business in Wharton, Peter Briger has had quite the thriving career in Finance. Peter began his career at the Goldman Sachs Organization where he served at various positions for one and a half decades. He started as the…

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SoftBank absorbs Fortress in multi-billion dollar deal

Fortress Investment Group LLC is now a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp as of December 28th 2017. In a deal for $3.3 billion in cash the Japanese based technology investment company will now reflect all of Fortress Investment Group LLC’s financial information under SoftBank moving forward. The deal also includes buying of Fortress Investment Group’s…


Southridge Capital Lands Huge Deal

The world of finance is full of people who have managed to make great careers for themselves and build companies of amazing sizes. That’s why Southridge is such a major deal. It’s landed some huge deals and those deals are giving it a firm place as one of the important investor firms. This has allowed…


Dr. Saad Saad: The Notable Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who previously served as the Co-Medical Director of the Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. He was born in Palestine and moved to the UAE when he was still a child. He lived in a family with eight brothers and sisters, all of who work at extremely prestigious positions within the…

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Is Rocketship Education the Cure for an Ailing Public School System?

Rocketship Education is the unconventional school bringing traditional values back into the classroom. Whether it is helping students and their families rebuild their lives after a flood or giving a struggling learner the extra attention they need to succeed, parents are lauding these schools with a heart for finding ways to demonstrate the values they…