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Dr. Rod Rohrich Has A Very Busy Schedule

As the new year starts, Dr. Rod Rohrich has a very busy schedule. The good doctor will be attending several new conferences. His aim is, as always, to continue to improve his own understanding of medicine and be a better doctor for his patients. The new conferences will help him focus on expanding his ability…


Jake Gottlieb

Born to a professor of economics and a pediatrician in Brooklyn, New York, Jacob Gottlieb had an interesting upbringing. He took an early interest in the worlds of both medicine and finances, working tirelessly to learn more about the seemingly disparate fields. In the 7th grade, Gottlieb won a school contest which involved selecting stocks….


Fabletics-Stylish Activewear

Fabletics has redefined the athleisure world as we know it. Fabletics not only offers trendy and colorful workout wear but it makes it convenient to shop with its online membership program, and they even provide a customized service.   Fabletics has scaled to a league that includes big companies such as Amazon, and it is…


What Makes the Brown Agency the Best Talent Management Company in Texas?

From coast to coast, the Brown Agency of Austin, TX is widely known for being the premier talent management agency for any client that needs the most refined and dependable professional talent available. And, one of the reasons for that is the combination of agencies that merged to make the Brown Agency a force to…

Joe Arpaio

The Frontera Fund: A Pro-Immigrant Effort Joe Arpaio Unwittingly Paid For The Arrest of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin

On October 18th, 2007 unmarked vehicles with Mexican plates approached the homes of Lacey and Larkin. According to the account of Larkin, these men did not immediately identify themselves as law enforcement and he quickly dialed 911 for police assistance. Unfortunately, these men were from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and no help would be…

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Daniel Taub Visits Bradford To Work On Building A Stronger Bond Between Israelis and The British People

Recently, Daniel Taub, The ambassador to Britain from Israel, took a trip to Bradford where inflammatory comments from George Galloway, Bradford West’s MP, had shaken up the community. According to Taub, he was there on invitation, and he took the opportunity to meet with members within the community as well as religious leaders. What Galloway…

Business Leader

Rick Smith Ensuring Securus Technologies Grows Consistently

The field of corrections has been growing at a staggering pace in the past couple of decades. All the correctional firms in the industry seem to compete recently to grab the most significant market share of this growing industry. One of the companies that were established in the year 1986 and since then has grown…


How Fabletics Grew Their Brand

When Fabletics first got started, they knew they were destined for success. Kate Hudson stood behind Fabletics and that alone was enough for them to be successful. In fact, it was part of what made them the company they are today, but it wasn’t the only thing that gave them the high profits and huge…